Cowboy Way

Back Porch Boogie Band

Americana/Country Mid tempo @ 124 BPM, written by Rick Hagler Mood/ evokes pride, duty, courage, faith, and loyalty. Music flows gently. Acoustic driven, biting Tele Ride, Male vocal, good harmonies, "Click info to right of player for lyrics"

After the war, in 1866, our couple moves out west In search of a peaceful life. They settle down on a Red River bend in East Texas and are living the dream until Sarah is accosted, while in town for supplies. Cody knew who it was when Sally came home crying and described the 2 brothers, one with a limp, one with a scar. His past had rode in to town. Cody has to break his promise, strap on the colts and make things right. You will admire and love this couple by the end of the story. I love westerns, the good guys always win. (press info by player for lyrics)

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