Americana, Country, written by Rick Hagler, Mid tempo @ 129  BPM, Male Vocal

MOOD/ Anxious, homesick, reflective, regretful                                                                                 About; This young man has left his  easy life at home, as well as, the prettiest girl he's ever seen, to hit the road, travel and make his fortune. He's not sure why he had to go, he just had to go,(Gypsy Blood). He finds himself on a lonely road that never ends hoping he can manage a way back home, if he ever satisfies the "Gypsy blood".

lyrics;          Young no fear it was too easy there or just too hard to stay
I was smart then, Yeah, I knew the way, I couldn't wait to chase my dreams, 
Pop said you better go now while you know everything 
Oh I'd love to get back home if I could, If I ever satisfy this gypsy blood 
2nd verse 
Went down the road to say goodbye to my girlfriend, 
Still the prettiest girl I've ever seen, 
Too young to know just what I had then, 
you never see rainbows till after the rain, 
Oh, I need to get back home if I could, if I ever satisfy this gypsy blood 
3rd verse 
Now I know lonely roads never end, 
they go round the world and back home again 
young hearts are blinded, they never can see the dreams that they're chasing lay right at there feet, 
If I ever get back home I'm gonna stay for good, If I ever satisfy this gypsy blood, 

                                          Every Day I curse this gypsy blood

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