Country, Americana, written by Colton Hagler, slow @ 90 BPM,                                             beautiful rendition by Sarah, Mood/Resolute, Determined                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ABOUT; Our girl unexpectedly runs into her lost love at one of their old haunts. She bravely hides behind her  happy face to hide her pain, she is not over it, has not moved on.  She is determined not to give him the satisfaction of knowing.


It’s good to see you again, It’s been a long time 
How have you been, Oh I’m doing fine 
Didn’t think you’d come here, at least not with him, 
But I’ve been here before, now here I go again 
Inside I cry, when I see you with him, 
Every time that I’m fine it starts to hurt again 
It’s like I’m falling in love for the very first time 
I may smile to you, but inside I cry 

This town's not the same since you went away, 
But you can’t tell from me, by the look on my face 
Cause I’ve sure moved on, at least that’s what I say 
But those who know me, know I’m not the same 

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