Southern Rock, in the CCR vain, Male vocal, Upbeat @ 168 BPM, written by Rodney Nichols     Great guitar work, good harmonies   Mood/  happy feel, contentment, confidence.                                               ABOUT;     This is the story of a  natural born Louisiana picker, that is, he was born to play. He came from Louisiana with blues playing on his mind, played a fender guitar and a blues harp all the time.   He's described on stage as  romping and stomping in the spot light glow. The chorus tells us  he  was born in the pouring rain, and was dubbed, by his mother, a "Louisiana Freight Train"  . In the third verse, our player tells us what life is all about and how he feels about fulfilling his destiny.     

  lyrics;     Well he came from Louisiana with blues playing on his mind                                           He played a Fender Guitar and a blues harp all the time                                                                       He learned to play the guitar in a downhome country band                                                                 In smoky Juke joints and Honkytonk one night stands                                                             CHORUS:                                                                                                                                                                   Miss Molly said I remember the night, He was born in the pouring rain,                                                Now she just smiles and says that’s my boy,   He’s a Louisiana Freight Train                                                                         2nd verse 

Well he took center stage and he stood in the spotlight glow,                                                             He left no doubt that he had come to put on a show,                                                                  Rocking and stomping on the floor like you’ve never seen,                                                               That Louisiana boy was natural born music machine                                                                      Chorus,  then, Biting Lightning Rod Guitar Ride                                                                                        3rd verse                                                                                                                                                                      He never made any money, never made a record deal.                                                                             If you want to know why, look here is how I feel,                                                                                          It’s all about the music, it’s just what you play and sing,                                                                  Money in the bank really don’t mean a thing 

Chorus                                                                                                                                                                      Altro; Checking on down the line, Checking on down the line.


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KrillDog United States 2014-06-20 “ there we go, some rockin' country ala Allman Brothers, .38 Special, LynSkyn, Ozark Mountain! Nice job” - KrillDog

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The Back Porch Boogie Band, shown below, has played clubs, honkey tonks, festivals, and living rooms for decades, off and on anyway. The band got back together to write an album in 2009, after a 25 year break.  La. Freight Train was the first song we laid down on that album," Blue Moon Shine.". It was so great to be back together , so naturally, we  had to play some gigs, and did so for about a  year and half. While the band doesn't gig together, health reasons, most  are  still gigging.  We went on to lay down a 2nd album, "Above Ground". We are back in the studio and we are once again  recording new material.  The band is, Lightning Rod Nichols, Roland Hall, Ricky McLaurin, Dennis Broughton, and the good looking one is Rick Hagler.  My, Band of Brothers.