Louisiana Voodoo Queen from the album "Blue Moon shine"

Americana,Southern  Rock, mid tempo @129 BPM. written by Rodney Nichols.    Strong male vocal by Kerry Hunter, driving beat with biting Strat guitar,  and interesting back up vocals.

Mood; Ominous, Erie, Foreboding, Dark & Sinister in a light hearted way.


A cautionary tale. The song is a warning to all that would listen, beware! The Louisiana VOODOO Queen, her place of abode, and what she is capable of, is brought to light.  Fun song.

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Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Creole beauty standing long & lean,   Long black hair, cat green eyes, a single glance can  hypnotize,       When you look into those eyes of green, It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen, She makes you feel like it's all a dream,                                   She's a Louisiana VooDoo queen                                                                                 Woah woah woah woah ……….Yeah yeah yeah 

You take her home down in the swamp,                                                  bull frogs and alligators chomp chomp,                                                Hooty owl in the midnight glow,                                                        Spanish moss from the trees hanging low,                                             Cotton fields, sugar cane pull them in like moths to a flame,      Heat of the fire makes a man scream,                                                    She’s a Louisiana VooDoo Queen 

Lead Ride 

3rd verse 

Chicken hanging from the door, candle burning on the floor,       Hair of the hound, Leg of the frog,                                                             voodoo doll hanging on the wall,                                                              She holds the doll above the flame,                                                          She smiles and you feel the pain,                                                            Walking dead man on the screen,                                                           She’s a Louisiana Voodoo Queen                                                           Woah woah woah woah …. Voodoo queen,  woah woah woah.. She’s gone get ya. Woah woah woah… “evil laugh”                                woah woah……….

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