Americana, Country, written by Rick Hagler, Superb Male vocal by Kerry Hunter with back up harmonies, Mid tempo @ 108 BPM, Mood/ Hopeful, Anxious, Worried, Determined, Prayerful            ABOUT;  This player, chasing his dream in a 5 piece band, finds himself a long way from home and the woman he loves. She's understanding and has made promises but  tells him to find his way back home, she will be there waiting, he's a lucky man. This line in the song pretty well defines it," Living like there's no tomorrow, while praying like it's my last day, that this road I'm on will lead back home before the promises fade".


When I close my eyes I see her crying on the front steps back home,                                             The words she said bounce around in my head when I’m feeling all alone                                         She said you’ve got to go, but I’ll be right here loving you till the end                                          Find your way back home, you’re a lucky man 

2nd verse 

The dreams I held for fortune and fame my small town would not hold                                       And I thought I knew what people needed to know, my stories must be told                                    So with just songs in my pocket, I hit the road with my 5 piece band,                                             I’m gonna be somebody, I’m a lucky man 


I sing these songs about love and home all the time drifting farther  away,                                         Living like there’s no tomorrow, while praying like it’s my last day,                                               that this road I’m on will lead back home before the promises fade. 

3rd verse 

When I close my eyes I see her smiling as I step through the front yard gate,                  sparkling hazel eyes in a calico dress, she rushes to my embrace                                                      I’m gonna stay right there loving you with help from the guiding hand,                                     Please keep me Lord, a lucky man,----- I’m a lucky man!

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