Americana all the way, acoustic driven, acoustic guitar ride, interesting percussions, written by Rick Hagler, slow at 114 BPM  Mood/ Dreamy, Dissillusionment

   About;  While minding his own business at his favorite bar, in walks a beautiful girl out of the hazy night. He recognizes her, she's the girl he's always seen in his dreams. He throws caution aside and risks his tired, sore heart one more time.  She is not what she seems!

lyrics:                                                                                                                                                                                 I knew who she was when she stepped through the door,                                                                  Though we had never met, I’d seen her many times before,                                                                  I’ve known her all my life, she’s the girl I could not get,                                                                         Haunting sleepless nights in a dream I can’t forget                                                                              Chorus; She’s the girl I’ve seen in my naïve dream                                                                           Stepping into the light from the hazy night,                                                                                              She sure looks the part and she’s so sweet to me,                                                                                      I’ll bet what’s left of this old heart to chase my dream 

2nd/  She’s never risking anything she can’t afford to lose,                                                                  Me, I’m betting all in this high stake game for fools,                                                                                She let’s me win a few l thought I was in control,                                                                                    Like a hustler hustling pool She was the shark, I played the fool. 

Chorus:     She’s the girl I’ve seen in my naïve dream                                                                           From way back in the days when I still believed,                                                                                      But she’s not what she seems she’s just playing a part,                                                                         The prize that she seeks is one more broken heart .

Acoustic Ride/// 3rd verse                                                                                                                                  She gave me everything like a dealer dealing dope,                                                                              Until I needed her more than anything I’d ever know,                                                                        She’s so very good at this game she came to play,                                                                                        I lost it all then hocked my pride and begged her to stay                                                            Chorus;     

But tonight I’ll sleep with the girl of my dreams , She’ll give me everything I need,                  She will play the right part and be so sweet to me, She won’t break my heart, not tonight!                                                                  It’s my dream! 

                                   Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh oooh oooh

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All Americana, Acoustic driven with an acoustic guitar ride, interesting percussions, medium slow @ 114 BPM, written by Rick Hagler, Male vocal with great  harmonies.                                                   Mood/ Dreamy , Disillusionment                      About; While at his favorite night spot, while minding his own business, satisfied, a girl walks in that he knows, he  recognizes her  as the girl he has always dreamed about, He takes a chance with his already love damaged heart and gets involved. She is not what she seems!

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