Americana Country, written by Rick Hagler uptempo at 130 BPM

MOOD/ Sadness, Homesick, Discontent, Hopeful

    ABOUT; When the local hometown economy goes to hell in a hand basket, this hometown boy, has to sell out for pennies on the dollar and move away from his home, family, and friends to try to find a way to make a living. He finds himself, missing home, in a strange, foreign land, GIG Harbor Washington, a long ways from Louisiana.


Watching my old friend out the rear view mirror, headed down that dusty road. 
I’m headed west highway for clear blue skies, carrying a heavy load. 
You can pack up your goods and move out of town, try to leave your troubles behind, 
But you can not leave your family and friends they go in your heart and your mind. 
This ain’t Kansas Toto, the sun don’t shine all the time, And people say that I talk funny, But the bars are open Sunday and that helps me make it through, another week away Texas and a lifetime away from you. 

2nd verse

When things go bust, money leaves town,                                                                                                    It’s all over when they shut the good old boys down, 
Yeah, they shut the doors and the board the windows and the grown kids they move back home, 
You can lose all your money, but you’ve got to keep hope for the future and all it holds 


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