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Americana, Mood/ Dark, Ominous, Emotional,Reflective
Mid -tempo @ BPM
Acoustic Guitar driven & Ride, ,Piano and Hammond. Superb male vocal, by Joey Raburn

Our character is in pain. There's trouble at home and he, once again, finds himself in his old pick up truck parked on Lake Ponchartrain, drinking the night out, waiting for the sun to come up.(should have been the name of the song) Lot's of great imagery. He comes to a reckoning, when, as lightning strikes, he sees the cold hard truth staring back in the rear view mirror. You can feel the man's pain as he can't face going back home and sits in the dark and cold drinking the night out, in a thunder storm, in his trusty old truck.
*Listen to the excellent Sarah Hobbs version of this song, on this site, on the album Back Porch Country.